On Being Mayor
I've heard what they are saying about my not running again. I want to give you the real story. I have not told it to anyone but you. This is a nice job. Every morning I get up and there is a limousine waiting outside my house, heated in winter, cooled in summer. I get in and there is a newspaper for me, and a cup of coffee. I arrive here and everyone is nice to me as I come in --- "Hello, Mr. Mayor. How are you, Mr. Mayor?" I come into my office and sit down behind this big desk, and my secretary comes in with a big silver tray.
It is piled high with shit, and she asks, "Will you please eat this, Mr. Mayor?" It takes all day, but I get it down by the time I have to leave. And the next day she has another tray ready. Why should I want to keep doing this?

--- Thomas D'Alessandro III
Quoted in Outside Looking In
Gary Wills
©2010 Viking
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