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From: Derek Holden


RE: An Ad on your page


We're in the process of promoting a website about sell buy gold. Would you be open to the idea of placing a link ad on this page?

We hope to hear from you soon, so we can discuss rates and other pertinent details.

--- Derek Holden

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Hi, Derek:

And thanks for your letter about wanting to appear on our website entitled "Hurricanes, Slaves, and Gold."

We have to admit that we are puzzled about your request for sponsorship. The reading is about gold, and about how gold and slavery dominated the Spanish in their push in and about the New World. In other words, it has little to encourage to buy or sell gold (or even people).

Indeed one of the key passages reads: "Columbus tried to counter the complaints brought back by his men to the Spanish king and queen with gifts of as much gold as he could squeeze out of the islands, but this was not enough to satisfy Their Majesties. So he also brought back thirty natives to convince his sponsors of another source of riches: slavery."

The passage, from the book The Scariest Place on Earth, goes on to tell us about many innocent "natives" that Columbus and his army were able to kill in Hispaniola -- the present day Haiti and Santo Domingo. Their depredations brought the local population from 300,000 to less than 500 ... all in a matter of twenty years.

On top of all the rest of their (and our) miseries, we have to inform you that we are operated by a non-profit organization ... so that even if we wanted to, and we don't, we could not participate in any activities that might reek of that which our mothers most deplored: that is, the appearance of being a "comerciate."

--- L. Lark
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