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TO: Carlos Amantea

RE: Do you have any information of Walter Reed Hosp. Vietnam Injured Troops


I have been trying to find a book or information on the above. I read many books on Vietnam and in certain sections the book states badly wounded troops were flown to a US Mil Hosp. in Japan and then on to Walter Reed Hosp. Some men died and some men lived and I want to know how they are doing today.

Did some also commit suicide?

We are talking about no legs, arms, faces, blindness, etc. (Vietnam War)

If you could reply with any info - I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You

Daphne J. Gilbertson LMSB
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RE: Animal lover


i am an hugh animal lover when my dog passed away in 2004 i cried and still do even if i have new dog. The day he died i felt that he was around. I still do. I wanted to ask dogs that are killled in a horrfic way do they come back to haunt there killers. The reason i am asking is because in B C Canada dog sleds where killed in a horrific way. Can these poor animals haunt these monsters that killed them. I would really appriciate an answer.

Thank you and God bless.
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