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Re: Advertising in RALPH

Hi, I am Sean with WebSponsors. My company represents a leading provider of male enhancement.

They would like to buy a simple text ad on the bottom of your page entitled "The First Time" at

It would look like...

"male enhancement pills"

with a link to our client's site.

We can pay $92 via PayPal ASAP for this ad.

Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks for your time & consideration.

--- Sean sean@websponsors.XXX

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Hi, Sean sean:

And thanks for your enticing email.

Unfortunately for us (and for you), the majority of the readers of --- and writers for --- the Review are what some call "seniors," others call "fuddy-duddies."

Thus, although your link and $$$ are of some interest to our needy reviewers --- to accept it might be somewhat misleading. If we accepted your offer, you and I and our somewhat graybeard readers would be barking up the wrong tree.

And god knows what this all has to do with Sybille Bedford's poignant memory of first love that appeared in her ingratiating book, Jigsaw.

Personally, I scarcely think this contretemps with Tempo-Bello ("he was one of the dullest and dumbest men I've ever met") would evoke anyone's lust or, much less, interest in what you so archly call "enhancements."

Thanks for trying, anyway. Those of us here at Golden Acres appreciate your interest, not to say your apparent belief in the continuing lust of all anciens.

---L. Lark

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Re: Ralph Magazine Review of "Wicked River"


Hi Lolita,

I'm writing to you for a favor. My name is Molly and I am Lee Sandlin's assistant. He has charged me with the task of collected and archiving the reviews of his recent book "Wicked River," which your magazine was kind enough to review recently (or so he tells me).

I cannot seem to find the review online, which is part of why I'm bothering to collect the others --- we are afraid this will soon be the case for the other publications as well. I was too slow to capture yours for our records before it left the internet. Alas!

Is it at all possible to have a copy of the review sent to me? I would really appreciate the help because we'd hate to lose it for good.

--- Molly
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