The Airmen and the Headhunters
From: Piri Donny (RBC Dexia IS)



I was facinated reading the intro of the book, The Airmen and The Headhunters.

I come from that tribe.

The term dayaks is a very general classification of the people/natives. When you mention the word Lun, it refers to one particular group of people.

We are Lun Bawang (Sarawak) Lun Dayeh (Sabah and Kalimantan). I believe when the people introduce themselves as "Lun Dayeh," it was missunderstood as "Lun Dayak."

That being said, is the book available in asia or do I have to order it from abroad or online only?

--- Donny Piri

Hi, Donny:

Since it is now four years old, ancient in the world of books and internet, you should try to get it used from ABE books, or any used on-line bookstore.

--- L. Lark
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