Two by Pete Winslow
The Anarchist Guidebook
After you pay your taxes, buy all your licenses,
submit to the draft and spend 40 hours a week at the
office, you've still got maybe half an hour a day for
anarchy. Some of the things you can do are
not read the newspaper
not buy any advertised product
play the accordion badly on street corners
write a subversive children's book
eat something inedible like treebark erasers or dynamite
go into a supermarket with various obscure items and place them on the shelves
paint meat different colors
organize protest marches at classic music stations to demand top 40 tunes
and enlist support for all candidates who campaign in
Uncle Sam costumes.
After you have more experience with anarchy you can improvise.

The reason you can't see the top of this poem
And have trouble following it from one side of the
page to the other
Is that this poem is written in Cinerama
A comparatively new process invented by Walt Whitman
We are working at eliminating the seams.
--- From Monster Cookies
©1972 Pete Winslow
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