Unleavened Bread Rolls
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I am looking for a recipe for Unleavened bread rolls. But after you bake.

You would cut the bread sticks in cubes and then soak in Salt water, then this is where I can't remember what and how it goes but my Mom made a poppy seed dressing that was put on the bread sticks, she also made it with cream cheese.

Does any one know about this? We ate this on Christmas Eve Slovaks I do not know how to spell this but it sounds like opkansa

If you can help send to


--- Nancy Laska

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RE: What is dada?

The answer is not only simple but self-evident.

Dada is the idea of self-importance by the unimportant.

Dada is the expression of self-loathing by the talentless puny weak.

Dada is failure reeking in pugnant diarreaheal realities spewing from the bowels of the psychotic spawn of human leeches.

Dada is fear of your betters.

My 50 francs please.

---doug delrossi

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