The Key West Extension


Subject: Photo Inquiry


I came across your website while searching for historic Florida photos. I absolutely love this photo that you show depicting a survey being taken from an ocean platform. Can you tell me where I could purchase a print of this photo? or where you got the photo from?

Any help you could provide would be very appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Bryan Wachtel
Brooklyn, NY

Hi, Bryan:

My guess is that it came from the book under review.

You also might do a Google search under the Florida East Coast Key West Extension.

--- Ed

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Subject: Wrong info on the page on the FEC Key West Extension


The info written by one Francis McKindall on and about the Key West Extension is RIDDLED with errors.

Are you interested? Do you care?

--- Cordially,
Seth Bramson

Hi, Seth:

And thanks for your email.

You bet we are interested. Since we see RALPH as an honorable if not indefatigable literary journal --- pushing back against the walls of darkness as it were --- we strive to be as accurate as possible.

Please advise.

--- Ed

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Hello Editor,

On this page--

There is a picture of a moon face. I have been trying to figure out who originally drew or engraved it. Do you know?

--- Paul Leslie
Lifestyles Entertainment

Hi, Paul:

And thanks for your email. Bless me if I can remember. I only vaguely recall that it came from one of the many Dover Books publications of old advertising copy. I think if you look through their catalogues, you will find it.

--- Ed
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