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Men all over the country will be crying into their beers tonight after learning that Ralph magazine is no more.

The men's magazine that has featured some of the world's most glamorous women, including mag favourites Imogen Bailey, Emily Scott, Sophie Monk and Big Brother babe Krystal has been vying for sales in an increasingly competitive men's magazine market.

The July edition will be the final printed product, 13 years after the magazine was launched.

ACP Magazines group publishing director Phil Scott said redundancies within the Ralph team were expected. Consumer tastes were changing, especially among young men, with Zoo Weekly now Australia's most popular men's magazine, with about 466,000 readers per month.

"The history of the monthly men's market is that the No. 1 masthead tends to change every six or seven years, dating back to the Penthouse and Playboy era, followed by Inside Sport and then Ralph and more recently ALPHA," he said.

"The launch of Zoo as a weekly in 2006 and the subsequent arrival of cross category men's magazines such as Top Gear and Men's Health have steadily eroded the once dominant 'lads' monthlies.

"The trend is evident all over the world and is the reason ACP re-positioned FHM in May of 2008."

Australia's three major mens magazines are Zoo Weekly, Ralph and FHM.

Last year Aussie men bought about 7.112 million men's magazines...

--- Daile Pepper
WAtoday [Australia]
June 4, 2010
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