The Most Secret
Milarepa's best disciple was Gampopa. After he had received all the necessary instructions and gained genuine experience of them, Milarepa told him to go to a mountain called "Gampodar" near the Nepalese border, where he would find his disciples. When Gampopa was ready to leave, Milarepa accompanied him part of the way, until they had reached a small stream. Here Milarepa said, "Now you go, my son." Then he hesitated and said, "I have not given you my most secret instruction, though, but maybe I should not do so either." Gampopa prostrated himself many times, offered a mandala, and entreated him to bestow this teaching. Milarepa would not be moved, and so finally Gampopa went on his way. After he had crossed the water and reached the far bank, Milarepa called him back and said, "After all, you are my best disciple. If I do not give this teaching to you, to whom else should I give it?" Gampopa was filled with joy and prostrated himself over and over again, expecting a very sublime and outstanding instruction. Then, Milarepa turned around and, lifting his clothes, showed Gampopa his backside. It was covered with innumerable scars from meditating sitting on rocks for so long. He said, "Look, my son. This is my final and most secret instruction!"
--- From Daring Steps
Traversing the Path of the Buddha

Ringu Tulku
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