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Re: Gelatin/wulong

From: Aaron LUO


How are you ÂH

Glad to learn that you are on the market for gelatin. We are one of the biggest manufacturer of edible gelatin,pharmacetical gelatin and technical gelatin, about 26years.

We can supply about 5,000MT gelatin annually,with the strength of perfect quality and pretty competitive price.

Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your test and evaluation!

--- Aaron LUO
Dongguan wulong gelatin co,ltd

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Promulgating Engish as the international dominant language is unethical on grounds of linguistic imperialism. Shame on Leslie for being in the camp of "linguistic imperialism"

--- Brian Barker
Lang House
London N19 5ED
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Subject: prices


What are the prices for you to review a book 62 pages long that is currently at the publishers and due to be printed within 80 days.

Thank you,

--- Elizabeth Desrochers

Hi, Elizabeth:

We should first off let you know that we are priceless. All our reviews are for free (for you ... not for us: we labor too much over them to think of them as free as, for instance, a bird.)

If you send us your book when it is on hand, we will look at it and make the decision to review it or no based purely on its merits (or demerits).Thanks,

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