The Original DADA Manifesto
Karl Marx


RE: Query in RALPH "Folio" #37

Dear Dr. Stern,

Prof. Sally Scully draws my attention to the following:

Number 13 of Littérature (Revue Mensuelle, Paris) dated Mai 1920, has as its title "Vingt-trois manifestes du mouvement Dada" (Picabia, Aragon, Breton, Tzara, Arp, et al.).

Chances are the text you seek may be found within.

D. McNeil
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RE: Starfish Poem

From: Lynn Wilson

I love "Starfish."

I'm 51 but can totally relate.

Thank you!

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Subject: Permission request


I would like to request permission to use one your images for my non-commercial website. The image is the black and white of the British Museum Domed Reading Room, embedded in the Frances Wheen book on Marx.

--- Paul Germanotta
Bellingham, WA

Dear Paul Germanotta:

Thank you for your request.

We assume you are referring to our review of Karl Marx by Francis Wheen, published by Norton and appearing at

Unfortunately, we have no idea where the attached picture of the British Library reading room came from, because the art director who scanned the picture left shortly afterwards, taking our $30 used Microtek S400 with him. We were, as you can guess, scandalized.

Sorry we can't help you, although you might check: there is a possibility that the sketch came from the book under review.

--- Lolita Lark
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