The Third Avenue
Elevated --- Part II
Ram Dass'
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RE: The 3rd Ave. El

I certainly do attest to the existence of the 3rd Avenue 'el! My dad took me for a ride on it on the last day of operation, and managed to take a Gunhill Road destination sign --- you know, one of those long thin metal ones that went in the side window. I still have it, hanging over my workbench, so I know that the 'el existed.

As for whether we exist ourselves, with all the political/cultural craziness going on these days I'm beginning to doubt that myself.

I also remember being allowed to range freely through the city, starting at the age of eight, and taking old els wherever they went. And for me, too, the steep wooden steps and the platforms that rocked and rolled whenever a train pulled in or out, made a huge, lasting impression. I used to take the Jamaica 'el home from Franklin K. Lane High School, and the Norwood St. station gyrated like an amusement park ride!

--- David R. Yale
Bayside NY

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RE: Still Here

I read your article on Ram Dass' Still Here and all I can say is that my hridyam is overwhelmed with compassion, I have tears streaming down my face!

I do not know how to thank you other than with words and streams of love.

--- Ryan Rapoza
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