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An exhibition will take place during Frieze week called Whose Coat is that Jacket You're Wearing?

After 10 years of stealing coats from London pubs, guerrilla artist Mike Ballard will seek redemption by displaying and returning the hijacked items.

Just after his move to London in the late 1990s, Ballard's favourite 55DSL coat was stolen from a crowded pub ---- a loss he took quite hard.

In retaliation, Ballard began stealing other coats he found unattended and over the past ten years he has amassed a collection of over 200.

Each coat's contents have been meticulously catalogued and stored (never stolen from).

Having come to terms with his loss, Ballard is now relinquishing his collection and the coats will be returned to their rightful owners --- but only if claimants can identify the date and place of loss or the contents of the pockets.

This exhibition is the culmination of 10 years of thievery and meticulous cataloguing and I very much hope that you will consider including the show in your Frieze week round ups, or perhaps in interviewing Mike to discuss his decade long obsession.

Although light-hearted, Whose Coat is that Jacket You're Wearing? deals with themes of loss, revenge, redemption and the ever present art world debate around appropriation.

I have attached the press release for you. Please let me know if you would like any more information or images.

--- University of the Arts London
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