Letters We Never Finished Reading
I Am Now in the Hospital
Writing You with
Tires and Sorrow
Greetings, from Rita Harry.

To: lolitalark@yahoo.com

Can step mother poison her step daughter/son?

It is true that we haven't met face to face or communicate with each other before. Well, my names are Rita Harry (an orphan) and my parents died three years back when I was just 19yrs, and my late father married another wife four years ago. And a year after he married the lest wife my father died together with my mom, the last wife is my step mother and when she find out that my father had a deposit of money in the bank here in this country. My name as the beneficiary of the big amount and my step mother wasn't happy with me, after we had little quell over the fund that was when she have evil mind against me.

She started making friend with me like never before, so that I may forget our misunderstanding and without me knowing that she had evil plans against me. Well to cut the long story short, she gave me food poison and I wake-up in the hospital in next two days. And I am now in the hospital writing you with tires and sorrow seeking for your assistance because my doctor told me that I have few months to leave on earth. I have made up my mind to offer my inheritance to the people of Haiti. Because anything may happen to me and I have no right to touch the fund based on agreement reached between my late father and the bank authorities.

It is after his death, at my age of 25yrs that is when I shall have the right to handle the fund. And I am now 21yrs still underage for the fund and my health condition is too bad, I can not make it. Now my question, are you ready to receive my inheritance on my behalf as new beneficiary and ready to go through the little process until you receive the money? It is better you handle my inheritance to help me assist Haiti people and others in need, than that evil step mother to use the fund ungodly ways when I die...

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