I Am Miss Nicy
Selling Sheers
To: Undisclosed Recipients

From: Miss Nicy

REF: Kind, Trustworthy, Honest

hello . i am miss nicy , i saw your profile in this site today and i become interested in you , am easygoing young girl ,full of respect and lovely , caring ,feelings for, and very good looking and very submissive girl too,and kind ,and trustworthy ,and honest ,and god fearing too . am here on line to look for a serious man for serious relationship that long last ,and here is my ID ( meliaderra@xxx.com )am also looking forward to hear from you soon ,then i will be able to tell you more about me and once you write back to me i will also sent to you my picture in my next mail to you ,may god be with you in all you do for life ,and not all time that i log in ,so you are free to write to me in my ID box love and trust always yours


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From: company_works3@rocketmail.com

Subject: order

To: Lolita Lark

I am Mr. James Brown and i am contacting you to know if you do have Sheers for sale? I will like you to email me back if you do with the types and prices of the Sheers you have,Also do you accept credit cards as form of payment? am looking forward for your mail.Thank you very much.

---Mr. James Brown

Hi, James Brown:

Thanks for your enquiry about our sheers.

Yes we do have several in stock. The biggest comes at the time of our deadline, around the 25th of each month, when we are supposed to have a new, interesting, vibrant, thoughtful, wistful, and intelligent collection of new reviews, articles, letters and poems up there in hyperspace. Comes midnight the 24th, and we have a sheer --- a sheer terror --- looking us in the eyes. I suppose it comes from too many years in too many schools with too many grouchy teachers who wanted to know how in hell we thought we would ever graduate from school if we didn't hand in any of our homework, which we had not done for the last month or so. At that moment, I would say that Ms. DeGraffenreid's slightly bewhiskered face, so very close to my own, was capable of inducing sheer terror ... if not an attack of the hives.

The only other sheers we can find in our box-of-tricks here at RALPH is the sheer pleasure in getting another volume out in the world and then have one of our readers complain, with all the grace of a stuck pig, about how we missed the point of the book under review, and, in fact, that most of our contributing reviewers must be purblind eee-jitts.

--- Ed
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