Browning in Jamaica
From: c delisser


RE: Andrea Levy's Long Song

The book sounds very interesting but then it should be because Jamaica is the jewel of the Caribbean on every level, intellectually and humor wise as well. Your readers would truly enjoy some of the eccentric characters that I have known, especially of the older age group.

Jamaicans have no concept of what it means to be politically correct, Whatever is, is ... and no one worries about being sued for saying it as it is.

There is a term in Jamaica used by mainly black Jamaicans to describe a certain type of person "Ol Naega." The implications of which are totally lost in translation --- "Old Negro" which is a real low life Negro. Only Jamaicans understand what this means.

How about this belief that the blacks have: "Anything too black is no good." Thus a mulatto is highly prized by the men. However today a mulatto is known as a "Browning."

--- c delisser
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