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Dear Margaret McLaughlin,

I am Reverend James Smith. Greetings in the name of the Lord to you and your entire family. I write to confess to some things you are presently going through with my boss. I was an Executive Member of Federal Investigation Bureau on Local and Foreign Debt before late. I resigned my official duty, when I discovered the activities of my colleagues during a private investigation I carried out. This was because I suspected some kind of fowl play in their act. I knew very well that they would never inform me, because they know I will never be a party to such as a Christian...

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Dear friend,

I am 52years old suffering from long time pancreatic cancer.My condition is really bad and I won't live more than 6 months according to my doctors.I am willing to donate M5$,to help widows and they less privileged in the rural areas.I await your reply.Ms. reine No job unless you're Polish: Biggest Asda meat supplier excludes English speakers as 'all instructions are in Polish' Cooked meat manufacturer Forza AW effectively barred anyone but Poles for applying for jobs on its production line in East Anglia by insisting all staff speak the language fluently...

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