The Hudson

Subject: The Hudson River

Dear Sir or Madam:

The Irish politicals never let the mafia step one foot into Albany and I always locked my door and Clinton the De Witt was not a carpetbagger.

Also, who the hell is Dom Perignon?

--- R. M.
Albany, N. Y.
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Subject: Napoleon


You were asked a question and was unable to provide answer [about the source of a picture of Napoleon.]

Attached is a photo and below are the original question and your reply.

The answer is "The Last Stage" James Sant - c. 1900

This portrait was commissioned for the historical monograph Napoléon: The Last Phase, one of several histories written by Lord Rosebery, Queen Victoria's Prime Minister 1894-95.

It eloquently testifies to how much the years of struggle and ill health had affected Napoléon by the time he arrived at St. Helena.

--- Dan G.
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