Music of the Middle Ages

Subject: Music of the Middle Ages

This piece is just way too funny. Please allow me to share this with my middle school students as we study the Middle Ages.

I teach for the Allen County Education Service Center, in Lima, Ohio. I teach middle school and high school students who are emotionally disturbed/behaviorally disabled. Any time I can come up with something that is just a little off the wall, makes "boring" history more palatable. It's a little difficult to make history a "hands-on" course (as compared to science or math), so I try to find other means of making the class more enjoyable. For example, I am showing them the knighthood scene from Danny Kaye's "The Court Jester," to discuss how one could rise through the ranks to become a knight. I will probably show a couple scenes from "A Knight's Tale," to show how important lineage was during the Middle Ages, as well as a couple jousting scenes to show what entertainment was like.

I totally enjoyed your article.

--- Carol Ann Cook
Special Education Teacher
Lima, Ohio

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