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The Winter War


Subject: Adrienne Rich

I happened upon this article just now. And while, I am no great reader of poetry, I was given Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth a year ago. And I want to say that, as humble a reader as I am, I was moved. I resisted initially, having to fish for meaning ... until after so many reads, I found the music in the language and I found the subjects of her poems both compelling and real. I related, in spite of the notes. In fact, more than relating, I believe that this work captures some crippling emotions with a sober and poised precision.

But, thank you for the commentary. It was an interesting read.

--- Elizabeth Forest

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RE: Dada Manifesto


Dear Ms. Lark,

In one of the issues of RALPH magazine, you published a Dada manifesto from January 21, 1921. Could you please tell me where was it published in print?

Thank you in advance for your precious help.

--- Radu Stern
1806 St. Légier

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Dear Radu:

Thanks for your email.

Beats the hell out of us. Even Wikipedia can't find it (we tried.) We also looked at listings for the American Dada Association (ADA). Nothing.

Which may be a clue. As you probably know, the word "Dada" was dreamed up by Tristan Tzara. It meant, he said, "nothing."

--- Ed

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I was reading the article about William R. Trotter's book A Frozen Hell --- The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939 - 40 and I noticed this in the second chapter:

"When he didn't get them, he brought in a large, modern, well-equipped army to fight the ill-equipped army of Finland --- a country of nineteen million."

Actually, there were about three and a half million Finns back then.

There's a table of the demographics in, for example Wikipedia.

Anyway, nice article.

--- R. K.

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