On the Death of Mr Barker of Hammon,
and his wife who dyed both together

George Herbert
Here lye two Bodyes happy in their kinds
the rich Apparel of two noble minds
All blessings they familiarly did know
Wch either earth or Heaven could bestowe.
The first deceased. He for a little try'd
to live without her, likt not & dy'de.
They had noe children, whence we truly say
the good of all their offspringe in them laye
ffor they ingross'd thir Heyres right, & did prove
their owne Inheritors in Grace, in love.
Neither to others nor themselves a trouble
Whose soules are one, & yet reward is double.
--- From an article on George Herbert
James Doelman
TLS, 19 February 2010
Note: A subsequent letter to the TLS
offers the thought that the first word
in the fifth line might be "She"
rather than "The."
We like it both ways.

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