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From: Sam Grotsky

To: lolitalark@yahoo.comHi

I just came across your site whilst searching for information about online gaming.

Your site is very straight forward and informative. As you may be aware, online gaming is a growing industry and many people enjoy playing many of the diverse games on the internet.

This is why I am writing to you --- I have a client who is looking for some sites which with to establish a relationship with; for this they will pay you for that privilege. It would be a simple form of advertising, like a paragraph of text, which will generate income for you from your site.

I would like to discuss this further either via phone or email, so feel free to respond with a phone number and I will contact you directly. Alternatively we can just communicate via this email.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Year!

--- Sam Grotsky
Online Marketing Consultant Matan Media Ltd.

Hi, Sam:

And thanks for your email.

Unfortunately, we suspect that most of the readers of RALPH are geezerish types who prefer reading books about political science and rock gardening rather than playing on-line chemin de fer or craps.

And we would feel that we were violating our self-imposed fiduciary duty by encouraging any of them squander their social security or SSI checks or mygod their life savings on Caribbean stud or Texas holdem.

We know you will understand.

--- L. Lark

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RE: Smirk

You must be laughing when you read this If at all you read this when it is finally a dismal winter in Kolkata If at all I collect my ruins to call you And ask you to visit me To walk with me to the distant nowhere of my passions You must be laughing when I talk to you Or even hold your hands Or touch the tired sweat of our evening together across your moist lips You must be laughing when I kneel before you When I tear my heart out You must be laughing when I stir sugar in your coffee I add cream I lift your cup When I say I could never write without you...

--- Dr Prasenjit Maiti
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Salt Lake City,
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