Dog Cancer
From: Laurie Kaplan


FOR: Pamela Wylie

I don't know when this review was written, there is no date. But I would like an opportunity to respond. There are some errors in the content of the review. I have no objection to the negative review of my book but I do have an objection to content that is simply wrong.

"Bullet developed deformed joints and had anthroscopic surgery at seven years of age."

This is not true. Bullet had bone chips in his shoulders from sledding when he was young. No deformed joints! The surgery fixed the problem, he no longer limped from pain in his shoulder.

I made a diaper-holder into which I could insert swaddles (I think that's what they were called - it was 7 years ago). Siberians have huge furry tails --- they just don't fit through the elastic hole in the store-bought dog diapers. He did get an infection BECAUSE it was a very hot summer, too hot for him to sit out or take walks, and so the diaper was on too much of the time. UTIs are common in dogs and cats, no big deal. Antibiotics cleared it up right away.

He stopped breathing because of the heart condition, that was much later than the UTI. It was one of the 5 episodes of congestive heart failure from which he recovered completely and quickly with a simple injection of lasix.

I agree completely that we have the privelege of choosing euthanisia for our pups when it's time rather than making them suffer at the end. I was prepared to do this for Bullet (as I am for all of my pets) and I'm very happy that we pet owners have the ability to do this for our pets. But Bullet was strong, happy and healthy, surviving cancer and heart conditions, right up to the end. The last 5 days were tough, but until then he was not ready to go to any happy hunting ground in the next life.

Finally --- and I have to explain this to people constantly. I believe I speak correctly for most of us who choose to spend money on medical care for our pets. What do you suppose we would do with our funds if we didn't have those medical expenses? Most likely we not send the funds to "one of those honorable internat'l foundations to help children." Maybe we would be able to take a vacation that we gave up so that we could pay for our dogs' treatment!

There are lots of people who donate to help children in need --- or donate research to find a cure for a disease, or to help the refugees. Then there's a smaller group who donate to find homes for dogs and cats or to promote spay/neuter, so that maybe next year millions of young, healthy animals won't be euthanized simply because they don't have a home.

--- Laurie Kaplan

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