Grisélidis Réal
Bob Poole
Poole's Paradise

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Dear Editor,

I am the publicist for Semiotext(e). Thank you for the review of one of our books, The Little Black Book of Grisélidis Réal in your Briefs section.

I just wanted to point out, however, that in the review, the author/editor of the book, Jean-Luc Hennig, is being confused with the name of prostitute (Grisélidis Réal).

Hennig is not the whore; that honor belongs to Grisélidis Réal.

--- Diane H. Denner
Assistant Publicist
The MIT Press
Cambridge MA 02142
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Subject: "Poole's Paradise" with Bob Poole

I happened across your website asking about Bob Poole. I worked with Bob for many years after he left the Mutual Broadcasting Network. He came back home to Greensboro, NC and was with WBIG, AM 1470 for several years. He brought "Willie," his long time friend and engineer with him. They broadcast "Poole's Paradise" as the early show on WBIG.

Bob passed away many years ago after a brief retirement. If I can furnish many additional information, drop me a note.

--- /s/ Bill Mauldin

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