A Wicked Uncle
To: poo@cts.com

From: "helen drakov"

RE: my fathers wealth, please reply

Dear Respectful,

Good day, I know that this email will come to you as a surprise because you don,t know me and i don,t know you too. My name is HELEN DRAKOV,i am 23 years old and an ophan.My late father died in auto crash in Decembar 2005.

My late father was kill in a suspected road accident but the police reported that my late father was drunk and full of alcohol before his death.However,my late father was a successful business man who lived IN HONGKONG AND SHENZEN CHINA before coming back to my country, Latvia.Before the death of my father,he told me that he deposited the sum of US$5.000,000:00{five Million,united states dollars only) with a bank in china in the year 1999.

I have contacted the Bank and they told me that i am free to come and claim the money as the only daugther of my late father as i have the secret number my father gave me . Now,i am presently living with my unlce who is taking care of my school and my uncle is very wicked to me.

He has seized all my late father,s properties and sold them away without showing any consign to me.Now,i don,t want him to know about the US$5.000,000:00 with the Bank that is why i am contacting you ...

--- H. drakov
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