Cock Cages
Gravitation and the Stars

Hello, my friend!

Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love.

I live for you, my honey, I breathe for you, my dear, I wake up for you every morning

You will be everything to me! I will love you as long as the stars light up the heaven, as long as the sun whisks away the darkness of the night and touches the earth with loving warmth. All I need is to find you wherever you are now. And I am here for you, my sweetheart, help me to find your kind heart and deep soul.

Looking forward to get a note from you

--- Valera

§     §     §


Subject: order

I am Mr. James Brown  and i am contacting you to know if you do have cock cages for sale?I will like you to email me back if you do with the types and prices of the cock cages you have,Also do you accept credit cards as form of payment?

I am looking forward for your mail.Thank you very much.

My Regards..

--- James Brown
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