My Bloody Life

RE: My Bloody Life

Dear to whomever Iım writing to

Iıd like to say that this is a very heartbreaking book to hear about the abuse reymundo had to struggle thru.. It must have been very hard.

the other day my brothers friend took me to see where a lot of the things that happened in the book on the streets It must have been hard.

reading this book makes me thankful for everything I have

Iım a freshmen at high school n ie gotten a lot of my friends to read your  book.

Itıs hard to write to u because I simply jus cant type out all of my questions I have to say to mr.sanchez but my brother went to school with a kid named Nathan who mr.sanchez use to counsel n Nathan use to want to b a king. In the begging of the book that poem u wrote was simply beautiful n I like it a lot Š itıs a very deep poemıs know a lot of kings in cook county rite now also in the penn.but id really like to ask mr sanchez.sum questions

--- Frank A Weger
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