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Hello, attached to a review of the book --- The Black Room At Longwood --- Napoleon's Exile on Saint Helena --- the portrait of Napoleon that is used has my attention, because I am in possession of a similar portrait. Do you have any information about its copyright holder? Who the artist was? Anything?

Just looking for some leads on how to track this information down. Thanking you in advance...

--- Kate Kobylarz
Chesterfield MI

Hi, Kate:

This review was published over nine years ago, long before we mounted the roost here at RALPH. We've looked through the notes accumulated by our predecessors, but they were a slovenly bunch, never giving credit where credit was due, especially in matters of artwork. Thus, we are as much in the dark as you are. All we can suggest is that you contact the publisher (Four Walls, Eight Windows) to see if they have the malign plate of the man they called Napoleon.

--- Ed.
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From: Mel Fleming II To:


I have a boo in e-form that can be previewed from the website. Is that acceptable to you?

--- Mel J. Fleming II

Hi, Mel:

Boo to you too.

--- Ed.


i really like your book it was very intesting. i did a report on it. people came up to me asking if i like your book i said yes it was good and then their like so do you think ill like it i was like yeah! so your book goes around my high school big time we sometimes have to give it up the book even if where not done with it because other people wants to readed too!

--- Celene Carreon
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