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Miss Josephine
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Hello My Dear,

I am miss Josephine.I came across your profile today and became much interested in you and i will like to have you as my companion; from here lets see if our dream towards each other will became a reality. I will also send you my pictures after i have recieved your mail. I will be glad to recieve your mail remember age, colour or distance etc doesn't really matter but what matters is the true love.

Thanks from my heart,

--- Miss Josephine Kuku


RE: Pet Supply

Hi, this is Jeff from China, we are a factory of pet products. Please let me know if you are in pet business, thanks!

Best regards,

--- Jeff Wu
3U Pet Supply

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Hi, Jeff Wu:

Thanks for your letter. And, come to think of it, we are in the pet business. Little creatures, not furry or wriggly, but often very interesting. Even cuddly, at times.

They're called books. They don't have to be fed, nor even petted --- but they often bring us presents, from other worlds. Ideas, thoughts, feelings, sometimes tears. We're quite fond of them.

--- L. Lark
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