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Ram Dass
RE: The Book

From: "carol fischer"


Please send me "the book" and an address to where I may send the appallingly cheap $25 you request.

Many thanks!

--- Carol Rosenthal
New York

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RE: Ram Dass

Dear publishers,

Your lovely review of Ram Dass' latest book Still Here --- celebrates the good bits and fills in with equanimity and wit, the bits left out.

As an old devotee of Dorothy Day and the Catholic worker movement, I was uplifted and encouraged by the wisdom and social awareness of the review. Australia's care for people with disabilities is much the same. The post modern media driven world has room for you only in triumph or laughter.Thanks,

--- Dr. Peter Willis
Senior Lecturer Education
(Adult, Vocational and Workplace learning)
School of Education,
University of South Australia
Mawson Lakes Campus.
Mawson lakes SA 5095
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