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Subject: Dr. Phage


Can you please send me a link to Dr. Phage's wonderful review of that dreadful novel, Sarbola? I have it printed out --- and I used it in a class I taught at California State University-Fullerton --- but when I go into the RALPH archives, all I can find is the box. I can't find the actual review.

May I have (or do I need) your permission to put this link on my web site?

--- Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.
Long Beach
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RE: Prafix Aztech


im an multi artist working with mostly dada inspired type of art. or spam art as i like too call it.

i work with performance/video/movies/and music. under the name Prafix Aztech. mostly in the danish underground.

but yes. i just made this book "Spammer's Hell eXtreme Edition" and i want it out by the living people, its a form dada spam book. an anti book. i did, and working with it, i did not cut anything out of it, its just my mind, uncensored.

i was thing, Denmark is just a small hell hole. really. i need to get out more. form it. with what i do. because my work is anything but mainstream.

so if you like it. the book. and want too put it on your magazin, or blog, i will be extremely happy. if you like the book. ?

if you need more info. you can mail me back.

have a "nice" read.


--- Carlo Störup
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