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Hey, read your experience on your Cataract operation. I have Glaucoma and have undergone surgery, but that hasn't helped at all and instead I have been diagnosed with Cataract.

So was just wondering all that stuff you wrote has kinda got me thinking, I was really looking forward to seeing properly again with the Cataract surgery, but now i just feel i am better off now.

Thanks for the article

Will seriously do a lot of research before taking the plunge.

BTW are you sure technology hasn't moved on since you wrote that article?

--- Hoshedar N. Gundevia

Hi, Hoshedar:

I reread the article ... and the only thing I think that has changed is the money involved. In those days, a cataract operation went for $6,000 or so. In the intervening time, the price has probably doubled.

I should assure you again that a worthy surgeon will make all the difference.

Years after writing this, and with great luck, I came across an ophthalmologist who seemed to care about his patients.

As I mentioned in the article, once you get the first operation done, you need to do the other eye. It's a matter of balance.

After a great deal of back-and-forth, and doubts, and fears, I went through with the procedure again --- this time in the left eye. My new doctor was quite fussy, made sure that everything went perfectly (I was under the knife for more than an hour.)

Thank God I did it, and thank God it went well.

The best advice I can give you is to visit several ophthalmologists in your area, and find the one who seems to care not so much about money, but about the details of your problem ... about his patients.

--- L. W. Milam
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