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To: lolitalark@yahoo.com

Dear Editor:

I am interested in freelance opportunities at Ralph.

I recently left my post as senior editor of License! Global magazine, and have been freelancing ever since because I was temporarily living in London.

At my last full-time job, I covered the art category, as well as the fashion, home, and brand categories. One of my chief responsibilities was managing content for both supplements, The Art of Licensing, and Xtension, a fashion publication.

For these special supplements, I generated story ideas, wrote features, assigned articles to freelancers, and edited copy.

My recent article "Star Struck" reported on celebrity/retail licensing. It is currently being published in a textbook entitled, "Fashion Economics."

Prior to my work at License! Global, I served as associate editor of Global Cosmetics Industry, Soap & Cosmetics, and Accent (accessories/fashion), all trade publications.

--- [Name Withheld]

Hi, Regina:

Many thanks for your letter.

As you may or may not know, ours is a magazine of writings for the disgruntled (and sometimes Alzheimered) seniors of the literary set. In other words, we are nuts about literature, and writing, and the written word, but we sometimes --- if not often --- forget who we are (and what we are reading, much less doing.) Especially when it comes to fashion, soap, make-up, bathing, etc.

We appreciate your interest, as we are fascinated with your previous experience at Global Cosmetics Industry and Soap & Cosmetics. However, we must disabuse you of the notion of finding much coherent work at RALPH. There is little cosmetic about us ... much less our actual appearance at the office. What office?

Haggard? Yes. Wrinkled ... of course.

Fashionable? Forget it.

--- L. Lark
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