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I am Miss.Rubeca Bra, tall, slim, fair and a very good looking girl that loves travelling and dancing, a student, that loves to be loved, kindly  I am compelled to contact you via this medium for obvious reasons which you will understand when we discuss details of my proposition. Pls I will like you to reply to me through my mail so that we will know each other very well. 

--- Miss.Rubeca Bra.


RE: Dear i like to know more of you

Dear i like to know more of you so that i will intrust my hope on you about my late husband wishes,i am a widow surfring from cancer of the lungs as i have $9,milion usd left at the bank by my late husband i will give you the full dital contact;

--- Mrs Franka


REF: Tattoo Machines


I need to buy your product Tattoo Machines.

do you able to charge my credit card and ship to my country Indonesia ?

thank you.

--- Ady Kurniawan

Hi, Ady:

Thanks for your interesting e-mail.

Tattoo machines? We've been accused of many things, but of selling tattoo machines?

It may be time to start, though. One author that we featured in a recent review said that every time she lost a love, she went and got a tattoo. The reason: it made it possible for her to present her newest lover with a new body.

--- L. Lark
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