Bipolar Forceps

RE: bipolar forceps

Welcome to the world of Royal International ! We provide Products and Services that date 1973 . As Turnkey Manufacturers, We export and distribute an extensive range of the following.

  1. bipolar forceps
  2. bipolar forceps blanks
  3. Electronics and Precision Ultra fine Tweezers
  4. monopolar forceps
  5. disposable bipolars, electrosurgical plates disposable
  6. cables
  7. electrodes ,needles and anything related to the bipolar forceps

Our Company is recognized as one of India's leading players in both the international and national Markets. One of our main selling points is on the precision of quality at each stage . right from the selection of raw material to the making of the products that we supply.

Our Work ethic comprises a deep-rooted belief of soaring above the competition, and of passionate dedication towards the client,Our Huge array of testimonials and client reports demonstrate Royal International's ability to delight its customers in various continents to which it exports.

We very much look forward to hearing from you in order for us to tell you more about our company and its products , and we hope that you will give us a chance to show you what we are made of !

--- Royal International
3548-B Model House Road
Jalandhar 1440003
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