The Earth,
The Sky
and Molly

God has a wife called Molly,
together they made mankind.
They like to say they're lesbian
for God has a feminine mind.

He once had an affair with Mary,
it didn't last that long,
they had meant to have a girl
but then it all went wrong.

So Molly went off with an angel
and dyed her hair bright pink,
she left a note for God
saying she needed time to think.

But now they're back together,
they cancelled the divorce,
she forces him to go to church
and he cooks of course.

Molly has a husband called God,
they live above us all.
Even though she straps him to a cloud,
he's certain he will fall.

--- From Looking
Through Letterboxes

©2002 Caroline Bird
Carcanet Press
12-16 Blackfriars
Manchester M3 5BQ
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