The Roads of Ancient Rome
The Virgin of Juquila


Subject: The Roads of the Romans


I was shocked to see all the errors you quote when introducing your story. "Your friend" that you quote knows nothing about ancient Greece or Rome. True, it have you a chance to slam the U.S., but you can't argue Ovid in 5th century Greece --- he's 1st century Roman, the people your friend claims to hate. You can watch any plays in the coliseum because it wasn't built till the end of the 1st c. AD, and it was in Rome --- the place your friend clams to hate.

In fact, the coliseum was never used for plays --- it was for gladiatorial events. Your friend couldn't have gone to baths in Greece --- they didn't have them. They were a Roman invention --- the people your friend claims to hate.

The Greeks were an agonistic society --- and in the 5th through 4th centuries BC, Athens was at war 2 out of every 3 years. The Greeks LOVED war, and spent all their time engaged in it. The Romans learned to fight from the Greeks. They LOVED blood sports. Look up the Artemis Ortheia and the competition in which young men lost their lives, being whipped to death as they tried to steal cheese from her altar. A quote from someone who actually knew something about the Greeks and Romans might do a little more for your credibility.

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RE: Virgin de Juquila


Dear Sir or Madam:

I had never heard of Virgin De Juquila, until they bought her to San Antonio, Texas. She is a beautiful blessed Virgin of Juquila. I was reading about her. Thank you for your website...

--- Rosa Otero
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