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Subject: Great Article


Thanks for the interesting and entertaining article about the Danes, Swedes, and the Øresund Fixed Link. I will forward the URL on to my husband, whose mother was adopted by Swedish-Americans in 1919, and was 1/2 Danish by birth, we discovered later. I am Norwegian-American, myself, so I welcome every opportunity to have a good laugh about Swedes or Danes.

Takk, igjen.

--- Nancy (nee Kjostad) Imm

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Subject: Freeman Walker

Dear Richard Saturday:

I am the wife of the author of Freeman Walker, who, being marginally more technical than my husband was lucky enough to receive a google alert and then read the RALPH review of Freeman Walker.

It was a wonderful review. You went right to the place that Dave hoped to take his readers. Your honest description of the struggle of entering that period of time (really, any period of time) and the ugliness of slavery, war, gold-digging, and what it tells us about who we are as a nation....

I could go on, write a review of your review. But I wanted to write you and acknowledge what a beautiful reading and then rendering you gave this book. Dave was so moved, and we are deeply appreciative.

Would you like some copies to give away? You know how this small press thing works --- word of mouth is everything. I'd love to send you some.

--- Rosalie Sheehy Cates


Subject: Freeman Walker

Dear David & Rosalie:

Thanks. And thank you for giving us a book that would not leave us alone...

Thanks for the offer of copies. Here's our problem. We have no connections with people in the book world nor at the book review magazines or newspapers. We loved your book but would only be giving it to friends who (like us) have few connections there.

Our book review magazine is truly a creature of the internet. We started up in 1994, and have the virtue of having been there early. We get between 15,000 - 20,000 hits a day; god knows where those come from (and where they go).

This is not much help, and I am sorry I can't do more. Let's hope the review will accomplish something helpful for you.

--- Richard Saturday
Reviewer, RALPH
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