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RE: Carl Jung Pix

Dear Ralph,

Can you tell me where the image of Jung you have at:

comes from?

It is the coolest picture of Jung I have ever seen.


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Hi, Charles:

Bless me if I can figure it out. It went up 3-1/2 years ago, so it was on my watch, so I should know, no? But remember that we dig up, copy, and post between 25 and 40 photographs or drawings per issue (almost 8,000 images since our inception fifteen years ago). We would hope to be forgiven not recalling this one.

We often seek pictures in the public domain at Google Images. We go there and find one we like and we look at the original site and download it if it comes from a non-profit or public or government agency. Sometimes we find a picture we really like and we look at the source and find that it has been put up there by none other than

One of the most beguiling we originated is a picture of a pacific Buddha drawn from a very old post-card. That image has sprouted its own wings: we see it here and there, often tinted in a way that the original master would never, in his wildest dreams, believe.

--- L. Lark
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