The Bardo of Becoming
Whereas now, when we think about going from one room to another, we have to actually get up, walk across the room and pass through a door ... in the bardo of becoming [after death] there is a miraculous power of karmic mind that allows us to travel anywhere in an instant. As soon as we think about New York City, we are in the city. If we think about Beijing, then we are there. There are no obstructions of any kind to our travels...
For example, we do not have to think about going through doors --- we can pass through walls or any solid object. Whatever comes, to our mind, whether it is the thought of a person or the image of a place, appears before us at once. At the same time, we have the miraculous ability to read to a certain extent the thoughts of others, to know what they are thinking and feeling.

--- From Mind Beyond Death
Dzogchen Ponlop
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