A Persistent Peace
John Dear
Touching the Rock
John M. Hull

RE: A Persistent Peace by John Dear


Your review quotes the author as follows: "I conclude that what the Nazis tried to do to Jews and others, our country threatened to do and is preparing to do to the whole human race." Notice that Mr. Dear chooses his verbs so as to make the Nazis and the US seem as equivalent as possible:  the Nazis only "tried" to do something to target groups (a mere attempt, rather than a completed action); while the US, through the possession of "our nuclear arsenal," threatens and prepares the equivalent against all of humanity.

The Nazis did rather more than "try" or "threaten" or "prepare" to the Jews, the Roma, and the civilian populations of occupied Europe. But Mr. Dear is evidently unwilling to let mere facts limit his exciting flights of rhetoric. After all, who can pay attention to mere facts when, as he modestly tell us, "God had called me?"

We are fortunate that individuals in such intimate contact with God do not generally perform essential functions in the world of facts, like practicing medicine, piloting airplanes, driving trucks, designing buildings, or operating heavy machinery. Let us hope that dear Mr. Dear doesn't drive a car, but rather transports himself from one divine mission to the next by levitation.

--- Faithfully yours,
Herman M. Fessenden

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REF: "Facial Vision"


I am the Secretary for the Sightless Children Club located in Dayton, Ohio. I recently read your article called "Facial Vision" about a story of a blind child who used echo locating. I write a newsletter for the club and would like to request the use of this article in our newsletter. Please let me know if this is possible.

--- Cindy Shaw
SCC Secretary
Hi, Cindy:

What you read were two selections from Touching the Rock: An Experience of Blindness by John M. Hull [see photograph above]. This was published by Sheldon Press in 1990.

These readings are located at,




We do not own the rights to this, so would suggest that you get in touch with Sheldon Press (www.sheldonpress.co.uk) for their permission.

--- Lolita Lark
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