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RE: 78 rpm Acetate Discovery/
Garnish Your Face with Parsley and Serve



A 10" 78 rpm acetate disc was found yesterday in a San Diego thrift store by one of our artists, Angelo Alexander --- an avid collector of 78rpm records, on a radio production of the "Garnish Your Face..." piece, with a cast apparently stars Benjamin Olds [sic], Frank DJ O'Sullivan [sic], featuring S.J. Perlman [sic], with special material written by Irene Sullivan; the main character is John J. Antennae [sic].

This 2-sided disc would not have been suitable for broadcast airplay, however, due to the lead cast member playing Mr Antennae breaking up the cast with laughter and uttering explicative language on the ending of side 2.

Any info you can provide on this audio piece is more than appreciative.

--- Mark Matlock
Publicis Andromeda International Records

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My name is Katie York. I've just visited your website and I was wondering if you'd be interested in exchanging links with my website. I can offer you a home page link back from one of our Christian Dating and friends websites which would be with page rank 3.

As mentioned, your link would be placed on the site home page, not on any "links" pages which may be buried in the site somewhere. If you are interested please add the following information to your website and kindly let me know when it's ready and I will do the same for you in less than 24 hours, otherwise you can delete my link from your site.

TITLE: Christian Dating URL:

DESCRIPTION: LinkChristians is the online Christian dating service that links you to other single Christians for dating or friendship

I hope you have a nice day and thank you for your time,

--- Katie York
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