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Hey my name is Selena and I'm reading the book My Bloody Life. It's a very good book and I'm really into it. I was wondering how Raymundo Sanchez escaped from Chicago? I was also wondering if you can send me pictures of him when he was young, because I really want to see how he looks when he was young and how he looks now. Once I'm done with My Bloody Life I'm going to start reading the book Once A King Always A King. If anything please send me the pictures at

I would really like to see them.


Hi, Selena:

As you probably noticed in our review of My Bloody Life, our reviewer had the same question: How did Sanchez make it out of town? We only have the picture that he sent us which, we gather, is him, now ... not back then.

You might write him at the address he gives in his e-mail, to see if he will provide such. We would love to publish it.

--- L. Lark
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