Shipping Parts
(To Africa)

Subject: Rev. Larry Clark


Hello Ms. Lark,

I have found the page on your site that has a request from a Rev. Larry Clark to sell you product.

This morning, I have arrived in my office to a very similar email, claiming to be from Rev Larry Clark, from Ghana, shipping parts to an orphanage in Ghana.

Upon "googling" this scenario I found the page on your site with the same scenario.

I cannot find any specific examples of this being fraudulent, but the Better Business Burearu has created enough concern to me that this could be fraud.

I was curious to know if you had any insight on the information you have listed on the website.

--- Shawn Cravens
General Manager
The Granger Plastics Company

Hi, Shawn:

Thanks for your concerned e-mail.

Please be informed that we often put silly or obnoxious e-mails up in the "Letters" section of our magazine merely because we think of them as an appropriate commentary on contemporary internet life.

I'd be happy to look up Larry Clark's e-mail if you would let me know exactly where it is in our magazine. (We've published almost 200 editions of RALPH --- with an average of four or five letters each issue. Thus it is difficult for me to pin-point the specific one that you find irritating.)

--- L. Lark
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