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RE: Enemy of God

In our last issue, a reader, Bob Albrecht, addressed a letter to Robin Harris, author of a review of
The Enemy of God. It asked, in part,

What is the title referring to? According to the novel, what/who is the "Enemy of God?" I'd appreciate in any help you can offer.

Our reviewer responds:


Who or what is the enemy of God? Good question.

An obvious thought from a Christian perspective is Satan, the adversary of the Book of Job. But in Job, Satan is part of God's team, not the demon often conflated with Lucifer.

I prefer another, older thread, that goes back to Genesis and the story of the Fall. That the enemy of God is our human nature and its many weaknesses.

What Daley meant by the phrase is probably another subject altogether.

As a non-Catholic and only occasional student of the Bible that is the limit of the light I can offer.

--- R. Harris
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