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I've read all the poems on the your spam site

And i think you way of writing is amazing.

How did you become so knowledgable in literture. Where can i learn such should strong and meaningful words.

Please help

--- Serar s

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Hi, Serar:

As the writer Tom Robbins said, when he was asked how he did it, "It's all in the wrist."

And the oldest non-secret of them all is to write and write and write until you have said what you have to say.

Finally, who is going to read what you have written? Editor Sy Safransky started his magazine The Sun by Xeroxing copies and going out on the streets of Chapel Hill to sell them --- 25 cents a copy --- to anyone who would buy.

Worst of all, you do as we have at RALPH: get an internet nitch, and offer it to the world. Fifteen years ago, when we began, we had zilch for readership. Now we show well over 15,000 hits a day.

--- Ed
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