The Lonely Planet
Visits the Dead
So much time spent visiting the
dead: the sites of battle and of
ambush. Stone soldiers on every
corner with column and wreath.

Remember death. The massacre
at dawn, the final words, the last
supper, the methods of execution.

Why not a memorial to the kids
who played between the wars?
Made goalposts of the memorial,
and a play house of the scaffold.
Who took the stones for hopping,
the burnt fuselage for pedal cars,
and the hangman's rope for

Don't miss the sight of the girls
in the main square, where they
leap up and over, chanting
anthems composed from the
initials of all the boys they plan
to love.

--- From The Pop-up Book of Invasions
Fiona Farrell
©2007 Auckland University Press
Auckland, New Zealand
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