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Subject: Thank you

Thank you for the uplifting article. I was reading a story about Trig Palin and it referenced De Gaulle's devotion to his daughter Anne. That Google lead me to your story. How nice.

Thank you,

--- Steve Lavallee
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RE: Faith and Culture

This question is for Robin Harris, who wrote about Robert Daley's "The Enemy of God." In reading the book, similar to Harris, I learned some things about myself. And when I found your essay, I appreciated the discussion in the context of your faith and culture. Since finishing the book a question has gnawed at me, and I imagine my lack of understanding is a result of my lack of familiarity with the Catholic Church.What is the title referring to? According to the novel, what/who is the "Enemy of God?" I'd appreciate in any help you can offer.

--- Bob Albrecht
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