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Subject: disabilities

Nothing on losing one of your senses --- hearing, sight?

Must all disability literature harp on the loss of physical function?

I am a late-deafened adult. And because of the list I've just read, I am absolutely going to write the book everyone keeps telling me I should write.

--- Maggie Casteel, MS, CRC
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist

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RE: Unholy Ghost: Writers on Depression

I am bemused and amused by your web site Unholy Ghost.

I hear and feel the descriptions and am interested to read your book(s). I have, for sometime, wanted to express my own meanderings of depression, however the management of my depression could be better, and I don't know where to start. Could you recommend material to set me on my adventure?

--- Penny P.
QLD, Australia

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Hi, Penny:

Thanks for your e-mail.

What is to be said? As we pointed out in the review, being depressed is so depressing that we are often amazed that we can even make it out of bed in the morning.

But now there are an astonishing array of SSRIs to help one cope. And, as we wrote, talk therapy, now, is sadly, discredited --- mostly by the insurance people who refuse to pay for it. It can be of uncommon help.

Finally, for many, an inexpensive (and good) solution is group therapy. There we can match our woes with six or eight or ten other people. When led by an experienced therapist, group therapy can be curative, an escape ... and possibly enlightening.

--- LWM
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